Unruly tweens and teens! How to set them straight.

Have you taken away cell phones, television, computers and video games to no avail? Learn to be creative with your discipline. Try taking away all of your kids' clothes except for one complete outfit. No child wants to wear the same outfit seven days a week. If you are really upset with your child, feed them the same meals everyday. Continue to make a variety of meals for the rest of the family. There are children all over the world who have very few clothes and some don't have three meals a day. Your children are fortunate and sometimes they need to be reminded, just how fortunate they are.

Stay firm with your discipline! Your child may say that they hate you but you must be firm to get your point across because you don't want the bad behavior to continue. Consistency is the key to eliminating bad behavior in children. If you tell your child that there will be consequences for certain actions, you must follow through. You must mean what you say and do what you say. Don't make idle threats!!

P.S. Don't forget to tell your child that you are more than willing to use your vacation days for volunteering at their school.


  1. Nice idea about the clothes, but do they wash the one set every night?

  2. What about the kids who don't care about what they wear :) lol

  3. My kids pretty much wear the same clothes every day, unless I stage an intervention. And they would be happy to eat the same meal everyday, too. However, taking away their comics works wonders.