Cheers to the divorced parents who put their children first!

Divorce is a very difficult process to endure.  Not many people get it right when it comes to children.  I want to highlight the good parents who get it right.

Cheers to the non custodial parents who see their child(ren) more often than every other weekend.  Believe it or not there are parents who see their kids multiple days a week in addition to every other weekend.  This is an option in every divorce so if you don't exercise this option, then shame on you.

Two cheers to the parents who make sure that their kids give their ex birthday and holiday gifts.  Its better for your children when you put your issues aside to help your children celebrate their other parent.

Three cheers to the parents who manage to agree on important child rearing issues such as cell phones, bed times, discipline and dating.  Its important that parents are on the same page because kids will try to take advantage of having two households with different rule options.

Four cheers to the parents who don't make negative comments about their ex in the presence of their kids.  Kids love both of their parents and they don't want to hear anyone talk bad about their parents.

Five cheers to the parents who resist spoiling their kids out of guilt.  I know its hard but its necessary.  No good can come from this.

Six cheers to the parents who put their selfishness aside and share their child(ren) during the holidays.  Every good parent wants to spend the holidays with their kids.  If you and your ex can't manage to share the day, then you should alternate holidays every year.  Your child(ren) need to have found memories of the holidays with both parents even when they are not together.

I am happily married but I have seen how divorce has affected my friends.  Some of them have gotten it right and unfortunately, some have gotten it wrong. 


  1. This is a great read ! Really enjoy all your blog posts!

  2. As a single parent, I know how hard it is to divorce and truly put your child's needs before your own. It really takes two people to do this. I am lucky that my ex tried just as hard as I did to make sure we put the kids first. I feel guilty all the time that I couldn't give my kids an intact family, but I take comfort in knowing that I can give them a peaceful family. There are many kids who live with both parents who can't say that.