Parents Need To Raise Their Children

I am sick and tired of hearing stories about bad kids in schools.  Bad kids are cheating well behaved kids out of their education.  Every time a teacher has to stop teaching to discipline a child the other kids are missing out on their education. Don't get mad at a teacher for calling you everyday telling you about your child's behavior.  You may not think that laughing in class and making faces is not a big deal but it is a disruption to the class.  Every time the teacher has to stop and tell your kid to behave, other kids are not being taught.  If parents would raise their kids, they would go to school and know how to behave.  The education system in this country would not suck as bad as it does right now. 

Parents need to realize that its not cute if your 5 year old tells you no and hits you.  When your child exhibits aggressive behavior towards others and shows no remorse, there is a problem that needs to be addressed.  A big part of parenting is setting boundaries and discipline.  There seems to be a lot of parents that don't believe that discipline is an important part of raising a child.  When you allow your child to do whatever they want, whenever they want, your child has no boundaries.   If a child has no boundaries they don't behave well in school because they are not used to being told no or what they can't do. 

Little Suzie should only be wearing a princess costume if she is going to a costume party not grocery shopping or to school.  I knew a couple who let their son wear his batman cape everywhere.  Some of you might say "what's the big deal?"  Its not about the cape, its about the parents not telling him no.

In addition to not raising their kids, parents are also setting bad examples for their kids.  Parents need to realize that its not ok to tell their child to sit his ass down or say you get on my fucking nerves.  When you talk to your child in this manner, you are ruining their self esteem.  Children see their home life as the norm because until they go to school, they spend most of their time at home.  My children thought that every kid had a Mommy and Daddy that were married.  When children grow up in a home where the adults yell and scream and fight, they think that's what is supposed to happen.  A friend of mine that is a teacher, had a third grade student call her a bitch.  Its very obvious that that word is used very often in his home. It also obvious that this child has not been taught to respect adults. 

Parents need to stop ignoring the warning signs for their teenagers.  If your son or daughter comes home with expensive items that you did not purchase, you need to find out where they came from.  You need to return the items because they are not free.  If your kid comes home with cash and tells you to use it to pay some bills , then you have a problem.  Don't pay the rent and turn a blind eye to your child's involvement in illegal activities.

The young people who are doing all of the drive by shootings, didn't wake up and become murders.  They started down that path a long time ago.  By the age of five you should know whether or not your child has the potential to be a juvenile delinquent.  I'm not saying that it will definitely happen, but bad behavior is seen very early and it needs to be acknowledged as such by parents.  There aren't very many murders and drug dealers that are in prison that were good kids that never misbehaved.

For once, I would like to hear the parents of a young criminal get on the news and apologize for the actions of their child.  Stop making excuses and defending bad kids.  Acknowledge that they tried to be good parents but somehow failed to instill good morals and values in their child.

Parents, your role is to be a parent, not your child's friend.  You need to teach your child right from wrong and how to be kind and respectful to others.  The world does not revolve around your child and you are doing your child a great disservice in making him/her think that it does.  So many of the world's problems could be solved by parents raising their kids.  Its not rocket science and its not easy but it is possible and very rewarding.

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  1. The stuff you are writing blows out my mind.
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  2. I agree with some of the stuff you say here, but not all of it. First their is no way you can tell if your child is going to be a delinquent by 5, thats impossible. Second off there are a lot of people in prison or jail who were good kids. Third parents of those in jail should not get up and apologize, some of them most likely should, but their a lot of parents who take care of their kids just as well as they possibly can, and it doesnt take. The child takes half the responsibilty, your making it sound as if the bad kid or teenager or later adult is innocent and their only like they are because of their parents. Stop blaming the parents all the time, and lay some blame on the child or teenagers themselves.

  3. Completely agree with you on this one! just earlier this week a 16 year old teenage girl was raped by a 26 year old at a party after she passed out from getting drunk in our neighborhood. Tragic indeed, and glad the guy got caught. However, when one takes a look at the way the mother of the girl led her life its not altogether surprising to hear of the news. The mother has 4 children from 3 different fathers none of whom are involved in any way in the childrens lives. She cheated on her last husband (who was not the father of any of her kids) multiple times and finally left with her 4 children only to leave her kids alone with friends and other random former boyfriends for christmas to take off for a 2 week vacation as the kids are going through their 4th divorce. So with that as a role model for a parent, one has to sit down and question whether one couldnt see something tragic coming down the line inevitably!

    1. That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever read. That girl got raped because a 26 year old man felt entitled, had no respect, and is a piece of shit, end of story. What her mother did or didn't do has no bearing on a man deciding to rape a child. If not her, it would've been someone else, but I suppose you'd have felt more sympathy if the girl had a model home life.

    2. Hell no, Jan 1 anon. The mom IS partly at fault. If the girl had not been at a party with alcohol, or if she had been taught to drink responsibly, her chances of being raped would have been lessened. I am so sick and tired of people acting like just because it's wrong to rape that we shouldn't also teach our daughters how to avoid being raped. Would you walk through a bad neighborhood at midnight flashing hundred dollar bills? Would you tie raw steaks to your arms and legs and then go in a cage full of hungry pitbulls? Why can't we teach rape prevention for both genders?