Should Schools Change Rules When Too Many Kids Are Breaking The Rules?

Two Chicago Alderman want the Chicago Public Schools to reduce the number of school suspensions by 40% and institute restorative justice practices.  So are schools are supposed to reduce the punishment given because too many kids are breaking the rules? Every school has rules and consequences for breaking those rules. The Alderman are acting as if the schools are taking good, well behaved children and suspending them.  I say that the Alderman need to go door to door and visit the parents of the children being suspended.  The parents need to raise their children instead of letting them be raised on the street.  If parents properly raise their children, the suspension rates will go down because the children will behave in school.  I think that if a child is suspended he/she should not get to stay home and do nothing.  They should be given extra work to do while they are suspended so they do not fall behind in school. Schools need to start holding parents accountable for their children when they continue to break school rules.

Over the years, I have heard and read about people who claim that black boys are suspended more than any other race and gender.  Did it ever occur to anyone that maybe they are misbehaving more than the other races and genders? Maybe parents should start to shelter their young boys from seeing acts of violence and aggressive behavior in the home.  I know plenty of black boys that know how to behave and its because their parents raise them properly.  Stop making excuses!  Tune in next week for a complete rant about parents not raising their kids.

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  1. First I dont think you should have said anything about "Black boys being suspended more" that just sounded completely racist. Secondly again you try to blame the parents for thier childrens bad behavior. Some of it can be atrributed to them I guess but the other half is definately on the child. You forget their their own person, they have free will, they choose to misbehave so they are to blame not only the parents.