Reducing A Twin Pregnancy to One?

There was an article in the New York Times about women who became pregnant with twins but only wanted one child.  They only wanted one child so they had their pregnancies reduced to one child.  The mothers had a reduction procedure to remove one fetus.  Its called reduction to a singleton.  WTF!!  There are no health issues involved in these decisions, just plain old entitlement.  I am entitled to get what I want, how I want it.  I want a baby so I pay for IVF and I only want one not two.  Why?

One mother already has two children and she wanted one more child not two.  She feels as though she can't be a great mother if she has to mother two more children.  Two children would soak up everything she had to give and leave nothing for the older children.  She could give each one only half of her attention and half of her love.  This mother said that she didn't want to be a second-rate parent.  Guess what genius, you became a second-rate mother when you decided to have a doctor suction out a healthy fetus from your womb just because the package wasn't what you ordered!  As a mother I have never felt as though I could run out of love to give to anyone in my life.

Another mother wanted the reduction because her husband was away in Iraq and she had no family to help. She sought out two doctors to do the reduction and both refused.  So determined to have it done, she got on a plane and found a doctor who would agree to do the reduction.  Is this really a reason to get rid of one of your children?

Are we given too many choices and options in life?  What happens if the remaining fetus is born with special needs?  Are the parents going to give the special needs child up for adoption because taking care of this child was not part of the plan.  Are women going to start terminating pregnancies, when they find out the sex of the baby if its not the sex they want?  According to the answer to this question is yes!  Several immigrants from China and India are asking U.S. doctors to terminate their pregnancies because the child is not the right sex.

I have always considered myself to be pro choice.  I am truly stunned!  What are your thoughts?


  1. I disagree, no one asks to have multiple pregnancies, but no way should they have to accept them as they come although it is very very hard ....

  2. My thoughts are this: on the first one, She had one child already and didn't feel like she could handle two more, she couldnt handle three children and instead of having all three and neglecting one because she's so focused on one she made it to where she can take proper care of her two children. On the second one I was there when my sister had my niece and the father was in afghanistan and if she gave birth to two babies there is no way she could handle them both. I'm sure their are plenty of woman who could, but some woman cant and if she knows she cant then she made the right choice. Its not something I would do, but I'm not going to judge what another person does. It effects their life not mine so I dont feel as if its my place to judge anything. All I can do is understand why they might feel like doing something like that, and know that if it was me I might do it different.

  3. i disagree with u. Twins is blessing from GOD.