Parents Need To Make Education A Priority

I think that we can all agree that children in the United States are not being properly educated.  Why?  People say that we need better teachers, better administrators and better unions or maybe no unions at all.  When are we going to take a good look at the parents?  You can have a great teacher in the classroom but if there is no one at the child's home to help with homework or even just to tell the child to complete it, that child will have a hard time succeeding in school.

Parents are not making their child's education a priority. Making your child's education a priority is an option for all parents.  You don't need to have money to make education a priority.  There are numerous examples of successful people who grew up in poor neighborhoods and who lived in public housing.  Parents need to take time to promote the importance of education to their children.  Education needs to come before sports or any other enrichment activities.  I know plenty of parents who make sports a higher priority than school.  They want their children to do well in sports so that they can get a college scholarship.  How about we tell our children that they should strive to get an academic scholarship.

Parents need to stop relying on the school for every aspect of educating your children.  Children need to learn the value of education from their parents.  If you don't teach them to value education, they won't understand the importance of school.  There are so many kids in school right now who don't understand why they need to learn math, science, social studies or various other subjects.

There was a study by the National School Boards Association’s Center for Public Education referenced in the New York Times(see link below).  Their study revealed that simple things lead to higher achievement in children.  Simple things like, monitoring homework, making sure children get to school, rewarding efforts and talking about college.  These simple acts were linked to better attendance, test scores and preparation for college.  The study also revealed that parents getting involved with their children's learning at home had a greater impact on achievement than attending PTA meetings, volunteering in the classroom or chairing fundraisers. 

So parents, lets make our children's education a priority.  Start by hugging and or kissing your child before school and telling him/her to have a good day in school.  Ask your child how their day went.  If they say "good", then ask what made it good.  Ask to see their homework assignments and offer to help.  If someone else is taking your child to school or picking them up, then write your child a note and ask the caregiver to inquire about their day and help with homework.  When your child has a test, slip a note in their book bag, wishing them good luck.  Let them know that you care about their education.  When you make education a priority your child will have a greater interest in school.  Non of these things require money or a college education.

These simple things are just the beginning.


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  2. How about we tell our children that they should strive to get an academic scholarship.

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  6. Yes indeed education make people social :)