People Who Should Not Be Parents

I think that we can all agree that there are some people who should not be parents.  Today I will talk about people who should not be parents.  There are some extraordinary people who have been able to take a bad situation and really turned their lives around.  If you are one of those few extraordinary people, don't be offended by my comments because I am talking about the non-extraordinary people who could not get it together.

There was a couple who had a live-in nanny and a night nurse to care for their children.  This couple should not be parents.  They have clearly taken every step necessary to make sure that they are not inconvenienced by their children.  When you have to hire someone to feed and change your baby's diaper in the middle of the night, you don't really want to be a parent.  They would let their 5 year old watch the tonight show which aired at 10:30pm because they got home late and wanted to spend time with him.  What were they doing for their kids other than making the money to pay the hired help?

Several months ago, there was a 17 year old pregnant girl who was shot to death while out with a male friend.  Her baby was delivered and survived.  She also had an 18 month old son at home.  To date, I have not read anything about the father(s) coming forward for custody of either child.  Her friends and family were quoted in the newspaper as saying that she was a great mother.  I don't mean to speak ill of the dead but...............That statement can never be true for several reasons.  1) How can any 17 year old be a great parent when they don't even know who they are and can't take care of themselves?  2) How are you a great parent at 17 when you are on child number 2?  3) She was out at 10:30 on a school night with another child at home being watched by someone else.  4) She was attending an alternative school for troubled youth.  I could go on, but this one is too easy.

There are a lot people who claim to be caught off guard by a pregnancy.  In 2011, should that still be occurring?  I can't keep track of all of the birth control methods that are available today.  Why are so many people caught off guard?  They shouldn't be, if they didn't use any method.  Newsflash.... "If You Don't Use Birth Control When You Have Sexual Intercourse, You Can Get Pregnant"!  I know someone who didn't use birth control because she ran out of her birth control pills and her mother didn't refill her prescription.  Anybody that stupid should not be a parent.  And to prove my point, she has had the baby and continues down the path of stupidity with the child.  These things are too easy to predict.

I think that there should be an age limit for being a parent.  Teenagers as well as anyone under twenty one should not be parents.  They don't know enough about themselves or life in general.  Most people in this age range are too immature to handle parenting.  They are not willing to put their needs aside to provide for the child's needs.  This group is typically not financially secure to handle the financial aspects of providing for a child.  Just because you become pregnant, doesn't mean that you must become a parent.  You can choose abortion or adoption.  There are too many married couples who are unable to have children of their own who would love to adopt a baby.  As a young parent who is not mentally, emotionally or financially able to provide for a child, adoption is a good way to give your child a great life.  You could choose an open adoption and this will allow you to see your child and watch him/her grow up.

There was couple on the TV show Teen Mom who gave their baby up for adoption.  That was the best decision they could have made.  Both of them come from dysfunctional families.  They had an open adoption and they are allowed to visit their child.  They both struggled to finish high school and find jobs.  Its nice to hear them admit that they made the right decision for their child.  If more young people made this grown up choice, our schools would be better.  I would be willing to bet that if you surveyed all of the bad kids in school, you would discover that more than half of them are children of single mothers who have never been married.

Did I mention that December is AIDS Awareness month?  There are a large number of people who think that they have been injected with a vaccine that protects them against AIDS and all other STDs.  Always, always use a condom if you choose to have sex with anyone who is not your spouse.  If you have a cheating spouse, you might want to use a condom with your spouse. 


  1. I have just come across your blog and I must say I am really into it. You are being very open and honest and not sugar coating matters. I would like to add to this by saying since restricting when young girls/women can have babies is unconstitutional...states should limit how many births per person the state will pay for because this is a big issue as well w/unplanned pregnancies...the cost burden falls on the tax payers in more ways than 1

  2. Who do you think you are to say who will be a good parent?? So only people over 21 should be parents? I had my child at 20 and I am a good parent and a college graduate. Every person is different. My friend her first child when she was 16 and she is 26 years old now married and she is a great parent. Don't judge people everyone makes mistakes, but how they handle them is what matters.

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  4. You are ignorant, my mom had my oldest siter at 19, my other older sister at 20 and me at 21. My two sisters are in the Navy, and Im a nurse my mom was a single mother. Also my friend had a child in high school, she is going through college to become a nurse and she takes damn good care of her daughter. And that 17 year old could have been like my mother, wanting to have children so bad and being a mother is all she wants to be. Just because you have a child at 17 or as a teenager does not mean you should not be parents. it means your an ignorant asshole who needs to stop flouting out your stupidity online.

  5. I think that you are right about this particular Mom who's priorities weren't exactly straight, but to say that nobody under the age of 21 should have a baby is a bit arrogant. I had my first baby at 19, then second at 21 and third at 22 then my tubes were tied. I was married at 18 and am still married to the same man. We will celebrate our 36th anniversary this Oct.

    I lost my Mom to suicide when I was 15 and that was after she and my father divorced and she left when I was 11 and I only saw her once a year because of a 1,100 mile gap that in 1969 wasn't easy to bridge. Suffice it to say that I grew up real fast. My Dad remarried, but it didn't last then we moved up north. It's a long story, but I became separated from my brothers. I had a family young because I wanted to have a family that wouldn't take off on me and they didn't, though I was to lose both brothers when they were young.
    My husband who is six years older than I had nothing to start off with, but in three short years saved enough to buy a lot and build a house and we have worked hard ever since and now own two homes (one outright) and one a few miles from Hilton Head, SC. All three of our sons are college grads, the youngest a mechanical engineer like his Dad (who went back to school when the boys were little) and the middle a bachelor's in paralegal and the oldest a bach. in computer science. Not bad for a couple who dated for six weeks and wasn't already pregnant, right?
    So, I think that you owe your readers a retraction on your statement that NOBODY UNDER THE AGE OF TWENTY could possibly know how to parent a child and do it properly, because if you ask my boys they would tell you that I was a VERY good Mom who always put them first. They were always clean (as well as my house, well fed, happy and went to the doc when needed and had me to do crafts, art and read to them every night while their Dad did sports with them and rough housed and took them fishing.
    I didn't know what the inside of a bar looked like until I was forty and that was because I wanted to learn how to line dance. I didn't put my kids in day care, heck hardly anyone did then. Back then, YOU took care of your own kids! I washed my own diapers even. Pampers were just out and they weren't that good. Though I did have a diaper service for a while when the babies were very little. Hardly ever had a baby sitter. We lived far out in the country. But, I would do it all over again. I look back on my old make up, no fancy hair cuts, I've never ever had my nails done in a salon, but all my life people have told me how nice I look and the boys have heard that too. So they have never had need to be ashamed of me or themselves for something that was amiss because of lack of effort on mine or their father's part.
    Here's the kicker.......they have no children out of wedlock. Only the youngest who is thirty two is married and has two girls. The oldest is thirty five and engaged, doesn't plan to have children and the middle one is thirty three and single and hopes to have children some day.
    And THAT, my dear, is the END of MY STORY.

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  6. I am amazed that anyone can post such nonsense! You are suggesting that you have absolute knowledge on what makes a "good" parent, advocating adoption or abortion (!!!) as the "right" way to deal with unexpected pregnancies, that there should be an age limit, an income (or projected income)limit for prospective parents. The world is made up of many different people and the simple fact is that once a baby is born, regardless of the circumstances, planning (or lack of) and prospects that child needs to be cared for. There is no should or should not there is only is or is not. Deal with what is in front of you.

  7. ps, tried to leave a rating but there is none marked "offensive"!

  8. Mandy Nicholls from Queensland living at Craigieburn is not fit to be a mother. She expects the neighbourhood to parent her kids after school. She is lazy. The park is like 5 mins away which she could take them to. She swears at her kids. They have no respect for her.