A Shout Out To The Good Parents

My husband reminded me that the title of my blog is Good and Bad Parents.  So today, I'm giving a shout out  to the good parents by sharing their acts of good parenting.

A shout out to:
The mom who cancelled the birthday sleepover because she discovered that her daughter had a bad grade.

The mom who asked to spend the day sitting in on all of her daughter's high school classes to embarrass her for misbehaving.

The parents who took away a cell phone after their daughter ran up a $400 phone bill due to texting.

The mom who decided that since her son was not doing the basic things expected of him (making an effort in school, being respectful, cleaning his room) that she was not going to do the basic things expected of her like cooking and cleaning his clothes.

The mom who cancelled a playdate because her daughter was misbehaving.

The mom who cut her daughter's hair for continuing to be disrespectful.

The mom who made her children write letters to each other listing all of the other person's good qualities because they wouldn't stop fighting.

The mom who asked her 19 year old son to leave her home because he refused to stop hanging out with the wrong crowd.

The parents who made their daughter throw her favorite doll in the garbage because she continued to lie about doing her homework.

The parents who issued a moratorium on sleepovers because their daughter was always out of control from lack of sleep the next day. 

The parents who took away their son's designer clothes and replaced them with store brand clothes because he was disrespectful.

Having children is very easy.  Parenting is the hard part!

Please share your acts of good parenting in the comments.  You can post your comment anonymously.


  1. To the parents who taught their children about the love of Christ at an early age.

    To the parents who turned off the tv and actually had conversations and game night with their kids.

    To the parents who forged parterships with their kids teachers to ensure that their kids were taking full advantage of the education afforded them.

    To the parent that attended open house, parent/ teacher conferences, games, recitels, etc., to support their children's endeavors.

    To the parents who gave up their Saturdays and other free time to be den mothers, scout leaders, coaches, chauffers, chaperones, and volunteers.

    To the parents who taught their children to respect their elders.

    To the parents who taught their children to love instead of hate and to forgive those who have hurt them.

    To the parents who looks their children in the eye and tell them that they love them and remind them that there is greatness inside of them.

  2. I'm hoping this is some kind of joke.
    My parents did a lot of the things you have listed and it's caused me many years of my adulthood to move on from it.
    My parents were the kind of parents that only allowed me to see friends when my grades were good enough (A's and B's only). I had sleepovers/play dates cancelled because of a bad grade (I can honestly say as a child I always tried my best, but sometimes I would get a C). I lost many friends over the years because I bailed on them last minute, and it left me with having to apologize to friends, and feeling outcasted and isolated.
    My parents actually have come into class with me, because I didn't do a presentation well. They sat and watched, and criticized me for everything I did wrong. The whole time I was feeling anxiety from them, and you bet, I was teased for the remainder of that year.

    I understand as an adult that they were only using their time to help me. However regardless, I still wish they gave me more love. When I first entered college, my parents would take away my cell phone if I didn't pick up their calls, and screened my calls. I ended up finding a part time job to get my own "secret" phone, in which I contacted my abusive boyfriend from. I was scared to tell my parents all the bad things, because I was afraid I'd get more privileges taken away. After that I had a serious drug habit, I guess I was trying to fill some void. I maintained my grades, and my parents never noticed. I never felt safe around them to share my fears, insecurities, or failures. I felt like I could never emotionally express myself (as a kid I was disrespectful at times, but I honestly had no idea I was only acting out because I was so isolated at school). But how is cutting your daughters hair off supposed to fix the problem? Kids aren't like adults. I just ended up not feeling safe to share anything with my parents.
    I am in my 30's now, and honestly I still have a lot of problems from these "parenting" techniques. I'm not saying to not discipline your children.

    I don't think I was a "bad" kid, but I made my fair share of mistakes, and I felt like my parents and I were in a bad cycle. I would fail on a test, and instead of showing it to my parents I would hide it because I was scared they'd cancel my time with friends. They would catch me on lying, and I would lose something I valued. I got scared of losing things and being embarrassed I ended up hiding things I needed to tell my parents the most in fear of their punishment.

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